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    Question Unanswered: questions about date()

    Hello hello,

    I'm currently building a database in Access 2000 and have a text field on my main switchboard that uses date() as it's source.

    Firstly, I'm an aussie and need the format of this to be dd/mm/yyyy not mm/dd/yyyy as it currently is. Is there a way to change or get around this problem?

    Also, I want the field to be like a normal label as at the moment if the user clicks on the field the cursor flashes like it's editable. Is there a way to lock a text field or something like that?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I dont know this is any help but check your regional settings on the control panel.

    To stop a field from being editable, set the Locked setting to Yes in data tab of the fields Property. If use this method u wont be able able to add data. If u wanted to add data and lock it soon after, it will require some minor coding. e.g

    In the after Update of the field add this. change the my control names to suit the name of your controls. This will lock the field after a value has been entered. You need someway of unlocking if u need to make any changes.

    If Me.YourTextboxName.Value Then
    Me.YourTextBoxName.Locked = True
    Me.YourTextBoxName.Locked = False
    End If


    In the OnCurrent of the form

    If IsNull(Me.YourControlName) Then
    Me.YourControlName.Locked = False
    Me.YourControlName.Locked = True
    End If

    See how ya go with these,. These are only suggestion. others may have a better way of doing it. This will at least point you in the reight direction.
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