Hi All,

I have completed writing an ActiveX Document.exe for use as an Intranet Application. It function is to Insert and Update Records in a MS SQL 7 Database. It is written in VB6. I compile an EXE file from this Application however I dont make a deployment kit.

Now to use the Application I just run the VBD file and it asks me with what application do I want to open it with, so I choose IE6 and make the association. Now if it doesn't open it I run the EXE file for the ActiveX Document and then run the VBD file once again. On Some machines this will open up and work fine, however on others it won't do anything at all. I even tried to go into IE6 and open the file from their with no luck.

Can anyone tell me if I am doing something wrong it trying to run the file? Is there another way to install this? Or is there certain system files that are needed on the machines that aren't working and need to be installed?

Any answers or ideas would be great. Or any sort of direction would help as well.