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    Unanswered: SQL server test question

    Could any one give me an answer and explain why. Thanks

    72. You are the administrator of a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 computer that is
    running SQL Server 2000. The computer contains a database named Sales.
    The data file and transaction log for the Sales database are located on a
    9.1 GB hard disk. Both files are configured for automatic file growth. The
    data file occupies 7 GB of disk space.
    You need to calculate when you will need to add additional disk space.
    What should you do?

    a. Configure System Monitor to log disk space utilization
    b. Configure a database maintenance job to run the DBCC CHECKALLOC
    statement each night and then to log the to the job history
    c. Configure a SQL Server Agent job to execute the sp_spaceused stored
    procedure each day and then to store the results of the procedure to a
    table in the database
    d. Configure a SQL Server Agent job to execute the chkdsk utility each
    night at midnight and then to send the results of the utility to the
    default operator in an e-mail message

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    Of the choices, only option C stores a history of database size that allows you to monitor the database's rate of growth and predict when you will run into diskspace trouble.


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