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    Unanswered: Query with 2gb tmpfile...


    I have a query that generates the error "Not enough space on temporary disc"

    -There are lots of GB in the tmp and temp directories.
    -I tried to compact and repair the database before the query was run.
    -I tried to run the query without transaction.

    The query is a simple maketable query that selects from two tables containing 164382 rows each.

    the reason seems to be the tmpfile that exceeds 2 gb. How can I get around this problem?

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    Access has a 1gig limit AND a milllion record limit ... You can't.

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    I had a tempfile with the size of 2 gb....

    Is the limit for a query 1 gb and the limit for the database 2gb?

    Whatever... I solved my problem, there was a join that was missing.
    Now the query works fine again. I had to bring back an old version of the database from backup and test. It worked. When I opened the query in designview I saw the join... banged my head on the table...

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