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    Unanswered: Time with hundredths of second

    Hello experienced ones

    I am trying to create field in access 2000 that has a time with minutes, seconds and hundreths of a second. At the moment I can only get minutes and seconds.

    Also on entering the data I want the default to assume entry is in seconds not minutes.

    Thanks in anticipation


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    experiment: a form with two text boxes and a button with _Click.

    Private Sub Test_Click()
    Dim isnow As Double
    Dim issex As Double
    isnow = Now()
    issex = isnow - Int(isnow)
    Text1.Value = isnow
    Text2.Value = issex
    End Sub'll want at least 8 decimal places displayed in the textboxes.

    gotta confess i never found the need to use a database manager as a millisecond stopwatch so this doesn't take you all the way to a solution (...also i don't trust windoze to feed the time accurately).

    access dates are doubles in the format DAYS.FRACTIONALDAYS (0.00 being defined as the moment of mr. gates' conception or something similarly important)

    please post it if you crack it.


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