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    Question Unanswered: Sybase 7.0.2 ASA issue

    hello all.. I have been looking around for an answer to this question for bit now and I am having trouble finding an answer. I am hoping that someone may be able to provide a bit of insight into this problem.

    I just got hire into my new job and the company that hired me is running sybase 7.0.2. I have very little experience in sybase so this problem is stumping me for the moment. On one of our data servers the database service just shuts off randomly and when you try to restart it the system gives you a time out error, but after you hit the wait button it will start up again.

    any suggestions would be most apprecaited..

    Thank You

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    Not sure....

    ASA 7.0.2 was GA release of the product, you might want to consider an upgarde to ASA 7.0.4 with the latest Maint Release.

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