I'me having the following problem:

I have a parent-child dimension and i'm using UNARY_OPERATOR to define the aggregation on members. I need to use another measure where a diferent agregation needs to be defined.

I've turned off unary operator fo talse and tried using a custom rollup formula like this:

RollupChildren([Tipo de Operação].CurrentMember,[Tipo de Operação].CurrentMember.Properties("MY_UNARY_OPERATOR"))

where "MY_UNARY_OPERATOR" teels me which role should be applied for agregation. However when browsing the cube i can't see values at all. Ithink there is a problem with the values for leaf members because if i change the MDX to

iif(isleaf([Tipo de Operação].CurrentMember) , -1,
RollupChildren([Tipo de Operação].CurrentMember,[Tipo de Operação].CurrentMember.Properties("MY_UNARY_OPERATOR")))

and i then see the value -1 for leafmembers.

How can i change the value -1 in this MDX formula to use the correct value for the measure that i realy want ?