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    Unhappy Unanswered: DB2 backups to NFS Drive

    Im trying to backup my DB2 database to a NFS share. My DB2 database is running on solaris and my NFS server is linux. When I issue the backup command it connects to my share and creates the backup file. However the file is at size 0. I waited a few hours and its still size 0. I am able to connect to the nfs share and copy files and create directories so i know its not a issue with permissions.

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    TO dir/dev
    A list of directory or tape device names. The full path on which the
    directory resides must be specified. If USE TSM, TO, and LOAD are
    omitted, the default target directory for the backup image is the
    current working directory of the client computer. This target directory
    or device must exist on the database server.

    Not sure how this pertains to NFS. but I assume it is not considered to be on the database server.

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