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    Red face Unanswered: Install SQL 2000 on Windows 2003

    Hi : I'm trying to install SQL 2000 Enterprise Edition on Windows 2003 Web Editio, but the setupsql.exe file donts work, the cd's are original, the messages that i have wehn ecute this file is "system cannot open this program since it has been disabled", please help me.

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    Taken form the below site:

    It is not supported on Windows Server 2003 Web Edition, because the
    licensing clearly states that this is to be used strictly as a web server
    (hence the reduced price) and not as an application / database server. The
    OS will prevent you from installing SQL Server standard, enterprise, etc.
    You can, however, use the free MSDE if you meet licensing requirements and
    your application can deal with its limitations.

    If you want to run a true database server on 2003, get a valid edition
    (Standard or Enterprise).
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