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    Unanswered: Error in using Powerbuilder

    Dear All,

    I am using Powerbuilder DB Administrator (connect with IN7 Native driver) to retrieve a SQL statement. There are some starnge conditions, when I type "select * from employee" there will no rows return and the Informix console said I have an error 255. However, when I type "select emp_id from employee" then all rows returned.
    I am very confused about this problems, anyone can help me?
    I am using Powerbuilder 6.5 Build 444 and Informix 7.1 with AIX 6000.

    Gary Lam

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    You have a old version of PowerBuilder that had parsing issues with the PowerBuilder native driver. Check to see if you have the latest updates for PowerBuilder. There were SEVERAL, especially for version 6.x and Informix.
    Fred Prose

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    Where can I download the newest PB native driver for 6.5? It is not easy to find in Sybase Website! Thanks

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