This should be easy! However, I have not found the answer yet.

I am looping through a table via a recordset in a For-Next loop. The recordset should be looking at the value in each field and making a comparison on it, looking for the first field containing the value of zero.

Today the code is finding the value of zero where, according to the table, it should not. However, since I do not display the name of the fields as the For-Next loop executes, there is most likely a logic error on my part.

I need to be able to see the names of the fields when they are encountered in the loop. Being able to hover over them in code would be fine, but I have not found the proper syntax yet.

My code is below. rstWizard looks at a table with fields holding values of zero or one. The loop is supposed to identify the first field with then enter the case statement. [This may be where my logic error lies as I am assuming that the loop will work through the table fields in ascending order.]

With rstWizard
For WizCount = 0 To rstWizard.Fields.Count - 1
Debug.Print .Fields
If rstWizard.Fields(WizCount) = 0 Then
Select Case WizCount
Case 0 'Client_Info field
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmClient_Info"
Exit For
Case 1 'Work_Schedule field
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmClient_Info"
Exit For
Case 2 'Spanish_Option field
DoCmd.OpenForm "frmWork_Schedule"
Exit For
End Select
End if
Next WizCount
End With

Again, what I am looking for is a way to see the field name for each value of .Fields as the statement loops.