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    Unhappy Unanswered: get/put routine

    I understand thats these commands ( get routine into & put routine from ) are for doing a bulk copy of the procedure and redeploying it .

    This works fine with the same OS.

    suppose i hav to to the same operation across OS

    ie from windows to AIX.

    what is the procedure to be followed. Is there any other utility which will do the same.

    Our objective is to create same databases in two different OS ie one on windows and AIX . Currently we have windows up and running
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    The only way to deploy Stored Procedures accross OSes is to have a C compiler on each OS and issue the CREATE PROCEDURE statement on each OS (or use the Stored Procedure Builder (V7) or Development Center (V8)). Then you can use GET/PUT ROUTINE to deploy to other DBs on the same OS.



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