Maybe a quite simple question for professionals...

We've got an Oracle Database ( running on a Windows 2000 Server. I'd like to write a PL/SQL procedure that reads data from dBase files stored on a server drive.
The following code works when I insert it into an MS Access query.

INTO [ODBC;DRIVER={Microsoft ODBC for Oracle}; SERVER=oracleserver;UID=username;PWD=userpass].DestinationTable
FROM [DBASE IV; Database=SourcePath].SourceTable;

So I tried to use the same syntax on the Oracle SQL*Plus console. For example:

FROM [ODBC;DRIVER={Microsoft Dbase driver (*.dbf)};

I only receive the message: "ORA-00903: invalid table name".

(Necessary ODBC driver is installed. And the dBase file exists in the "SourcePath"-directory.)

Please give me a hint to solve the problem!