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    Unanswered: Secure form based on user....

    Database 97 format....
    1. Click on frmSearch
    2. pick any group - double click
    3. the record should be loaded in a form called frmgroups
    4. there is qr button (gpaqr - pass)
    5. currently manager and team leader has access to this qr button.
    6. however, i wanna change it little bit.
    7. all manager and team leader should be access all the record
    8. plan admin should be able to see only his or her record when viewing QR
    9. QR is for quality review
    10. we want to keep it where individual primary admin can view their performance review.
    11. open qr and right under the save there is system's user id

    Read my post b/4 this one. and you will know what i am looking to do.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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