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    Question Unanswered: Ingres versus PostgreSQL

    Does anyone have any information on the differences between commercial Ingres (from CA) and PostgreSQL? (other than price)

    I know they are based upon the same original version of ingres.

    I have a system that is based upon CA's Ingres that I am considering moving to PostgreSQL. I have a bunch of embedded SQL C programs that would have to be converted and the interfaces seem identical.

    Any info or links appreciated.


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    Unhappy Sorry

    i haven't seen a such comparison, all the test were done versus Mysql, You must do it yourself, get a look at Postgresql features and compare it to Ingres ones, this could be a very nice benchmake ! I'll blame you if you don't publish it
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    postgres vs-. ingres

    should not be too awful to convert the things to postgresql

    if it may come to problems ask the postgresql list
    in the hackers list are I think many people which are there since the beginning of postgres
    --Postgresql is the only kind of thing--

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