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Instructions for uprading a SharePoint Services 2003 database from MSDE to SQL Server 2003 for Full-Text Search

Install Sharepoint Services
- This should install the MSDE database and start it.

Install SQL Server 2000 (you may be able to skip this step, I haven't tried yet)
- You should install the default install of SQL Server.


You should be able to start Enterprise Manager and see the default local install. Choose 'New SQL Server Registration...'

Go through the wizard and uncheck the default and locate your Sharepoint database. Usually at MACHINENAME/SHAREPOINT

Once the SharePoint database is registered, Stop the database.

Now you should be able to use the SQL 2000 CD to Upgrade, Remove, or add components to an existing instance of SQL Server. ( Make sure you have stopped the Sharepoint database before you attempt this. )

The wizard will come to choose 'install additional components' to help you manage SQL. Select 'Yes'.

Make sure you add 'Full-Text Search'

Finish the Wizard.

The Sharepoint database is now a full SQL Server 2000 install.

Now reboot (may not be necessary, but it doesn't hurt)

Now you will need to install the SP3a onto the Sharepoint database. After installing, rebooting once more. (hey doesn't hurt)

You should be able to go into the Sharepoint Services admin and activate the full-text search.