I have a problem with one of my four servers in my replication.

The problem is:

When the publisher is sending data to one of the servers it goes to 100 % in the processor. When the server goes to 100 % the publisher fails in the agent saying "the agent is suspect, No response within the last 10 muniutes." When is stop the replication at the publisher it goes back to normal.

My setup is the following:

3 Publisher and 1 supscriber.

All the Publisher has two Cpu's and the subscriber has one.
There is 512mb ram in them all.
The subscriber has Cpu with 2,4 ghz and the rest has dual zeon 400 mhz.

Two publisher is on two others locations. And they have no problems with the subscriber.

So the problem is on the same location. And they are connectet throug a local networkswicth.

I hope anyone can help me.

Ren้ Larsen