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    Unanswered: Sage ODBC - invalid username and password


    I have an ASP that talks to the Sage Line 50 ODBC drivers. It was working fine in v8, but recently the client using this ASP upgraded from Line 50 version 8 to version 10, and now I get "invalid username / password", despite the fact that the username and password are correct.

    I notice a couple of other posts with this problem, but I couldn't see any answers!

    Was there a change in the ODBC drivers between v8 and v10? Will it no longer accept blank passwords, for instance?

    Would an MDAC issue be the cause?

    Any answers would be great!

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    After further testing, it appears that will ONLY not connect from an ASP.

    It works fine from Access, from a Windows Scripting Host file, from a Delphi app, from anything except ASP.

    To the extent that if you write an ActiveX wrapper in Delphi to get the connection for you, that object will also work in everything except ASP.

    In other words, it's not ASP itself, it's the mere operation of connecting to Sage from within IIS.

    I've tried giving the IUSR_etc. user full access to the Sage data files, but no effect.

    What the hell is going on?! What's changed since version 8? Help!

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