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Thread: help meee :(

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    Unhappy Unanswered: help meee :(

    $fname= $_FILES["file1"]["name"];
    $tmp= addslashes($_FILES["file1"]["tmp"]);
    $fd=fopen($tmp,"r") or die("Can't open file 1!");

    chmod 777

    screen out:
    Can't open file 1

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    By what possible means COULD someone help? This snippet of code has nothing useful to act on.
    I'll gamble that the cause of the problem is that the filename being passed to the "fopen" is incorrectly formed. The error will probably be easy-as-pie to diagnose ("awww... 'doh!'") AS SOON AS you can SEE it. So, make the error-message show you!
    The error-message would have been infinitely more useful if you had written:
    ... or die("Can't open file: '$tmp'")
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