I fetch some data from my server and then break the connection.
The data is then displayed on a webbpage.

So far everything works fine.

Each of the fields are displayed in textboxes and can be updated.

This is where I encounter my problem. When trying to submit my changes nothing happens. The database does not recieve my changes, nor do I get any error messages.

I am running Win XP Pro, IIS 5 and Access 2002. I am using a webbserver on my own computer so networkproblems are not an issue.

I am using a RDS Data Control to store the data localy.

My code looks like this:

<OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:BD96C556-65A3-11D0-983A-00C04FC29E33"
   ID="dsoVehicle" WIDTH="0" HEIGHT="0">
   <PARAM NAME="URL" VALUE="DataPage.asp">

   <TD><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" DATASRC="#dsoVehicle" DATAFLD="fieldA"></INPUT></TD>
   <TD><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" DATASRC="#dsoVehicle" DATAFLD="fieldB"></INPUT></TD>
   <TD><INPUT TYPE="TEXT" DATASRC="#dsoVehicle" DATAFLD="fieldC"></INPUT></TD>
<BUTTON ID="cmdFirst" TITLE="First Record" ONCLICK="dsoVehicle.recordset.MoveFirst()">&nbsp;|&lt&nbsp;</BUTTON>
<BUTTON ID="cmdPrevious" TITLE="Previous Record" ONCLICK="if (!dsoVehicle.recordset.BOF) dsoVehicle.recordset.MovePrevious()">&nbsp;&lt&nbsp;</BUTTON>
<BUTTON ID="cmdNext" TITLE="Next Record" ONCLICK="if (!dsoVehicle.recordset.EOF) dsoVehicle.recordset.MoveNext()">&nbsp;&gt&nbsp;</BUTTON>
<BUTTON ID="cmdLast" TITLE="Last Record" ONCLICK="dsoVehicle.recordset.MoveLast()">&nbsp;&gt|&nbsp;</BUTTON>
<BUTTON ID="cmdAbort" TITLE="Ignore Changes" ONCLICK="dsoVehicle.CancelUpdate()">Abort</BUTTON> &nbsp;
<BUTTON ID="cmdSave" TITLE="Save Changes" 
ONCLICK="dsoVehicle.SubmitChanges()">Save</BUTTON> &nbsp;
<BUTTON ID="cmdAdd" TITLE="Add New Record" ONCLICK="dsoVehicle.Recordset.AddNew()">New Record</BUTTON> &nbsp;
<BUTTON ID="cmdRemove" TITLE="Remove Record" ONCLICK="dsoVehicle.Recordset.Delete()">Remove</BUTTON>
The connection details in DataPage.asp are these:

   connStr1 = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; "
   connStr2 = "Data Source=C:\Data\database.mdb"
   connStr = connStr1 + connStr2
   Dim rsData
   Set rsData = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
   rsData.Open "SELECT * FROM Table1", connStr
   rsData.Save Response, adPersistXML
   Set rsData = Nothing
The connection string is split to improve display of the code only.

Now to the questions I hope you can help me with:

Does Access at all support reconnecting to update once a disconnected recordset has been created?

Are there any problems with the way I have saved my recordset that could prevent the update from working?

I have of course checked that my database is not read-only. I have an ASP-application where the connection is kept intact. This lets me update any post in the same database without problems.