Hi All,

I am designing a picture gallery back end, and i would like some opions/advice.

I started with three tables:

Users --> Users of the system
Albums --> Photo Albums Created By Users
Pictures --> Pictures By Users to be places in photo albums

so User (one to many) to Album and Album (one to many to picture)

A) User Can Create Many Albums
B) One Album Is Create By One User
C) One Album Can Contain Many Pictures
D) One Picture can belong to One Album

now in my eyes that works however i know in the real world users may want to add the same picture to many albums thus i dont have a true many to many but i do have duplication of pictures (Physical not logical) so i was thinking of adding another table inbetween album and picture to create pictureAlbum which would store all the pictures relating to albums and becuase this would allow for one picture to belong to many albums solve my problem, but for some reason it just doesnt feel 100% right!

Any Ideas people!?