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    Unanswered: Question for the masses

    I need to know some info, is there a way to use mysql and a front end web sumthn or other.... to one design the fields.. to enter data and fill the database.

    Take a phone list for instance.. i have created a db with three fields.
    Name, Number, Address

    Is there a way i can access that via a webpage to input data or edit it? Not using phpmyadmin, basically im looking for user front end and a design front end.

    Any thoughts?

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    Re: Question for the Masses

    Well, if you're talking web-based front-end for configuration, phpMyAdmin or MySQL tool (I think that's it) are your best bets.

    As far as creating web-based forms, you're probably gonna need to get your hands dirty and embed some code. You can use a tool such as Dreamweaver to create the layout and forms, but you'll need to write code to connect to MySQL. Perl and PHP have good functions to go with MySQL (and other DBs). I'm sure JSP and ASP do also, but I've never used them.

    You could also use something like Access to create your GUI forms with MyODBC driver. There are some MySQL GUIs out there available by download (some free, some note) although I have never evaluated any of them.

    Otherwise, if you are doing something specifc, someone may have already written the code (see phpBB for forums) although it sounds like you're gonna have to program some of this yourself.

    Good luck.

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