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    Post Unanswered: Copy & Paste From Access to Excel

    Several of us have started having a problem with copying datafrom Access 2000 sp1 to Excel 2002 sp2. It does not happen everytime and does not seem to be consistantwith the amount of data we are copying from access tables. We get the error "Microsoft Excel cannot paste data". The clipboard is empty as if it never copied it in the 1st place. If i look at the clip board when I copy it says that the format is wrong and cannot be copied. I do not understand this since it is the same data that has been copied and pasted nuerous times. The only way to fix it is to reboot! I have cleared the clip board if there is anything on it in excel, but do not know where to do this in access or even if it will make a difference. Please help! We are pulling our hair out here.


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    Lightbulb try this

    in the toolbar go to Tools -> office links -> analyze with Excell

    do this when you have your output on the screen and it will open excell with your data in it

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