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    Unanswered: diffrence between materlized views ans view and snapshot


    What is the diffrence between materlized views ans view and snapshot.

    Thanks in advance

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    A view is a select statement stored in the data dictionary. Snapshots are now known as materialized views. A materialized view is a series of objects, including a table, that stores actual data in your schema.

    Both a view and a materialized view start with a SELECT statement. In the view, there is nothing more. In the materialized view there is an optional timer to run the SELECT statement, and there is storage of data that resulted from the SELECT statement.

    Views are therefore 100% dynamic. MVs are only as dynamic as your timer's frequency.

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    Re: diffrence between materlized views ans view and snapshot

    View is only a display of data from 1 or more tables.You can perform DMLs, restricted to some conditions. View doesnt store any data.

    Snapshop is a temporary copy of a table(stored in the machine), any changes to the base table are reflected in the snapshot. But u cant alter data in the snapshot.its only about viewing data.

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