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    Unanswered: PL/SQL: Column Format

    I'm creating a large inventory report and in an effort to save print time and paper, I would like to format my output to print double columns.
    I'm writing this in SQL PL/SQL

    <Return and Begin 2nd Column>
    1T. 4MJ04 1 1T. 4PL15 4104
    1T. 4PL15 4320 1T. 1WC95 3
    1T. 1WD68 1 1T. 3VK17 1440
    1T. 3VK17 1440
    1T. 4M310 1
    1T. 3V477 2880
    1T. 3JK16 1050
    1T. 3V528 996
    1T. 3V477 1440
    <end of page>

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    PL/SQL: Column Format

    Basically, I'm just trying to get the cursor to return to the top of the page and begin a new column.

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