Hi All, does anybody know what realy happens during a fail over process. How it works. For example, if you have two instances
inst_A in nodeA & inst_D in nodeB and if inst_A failes to inst_D of nodeB during the failover process what happens to the system databases of inst_D. Assume you have 2 nodes (2 sql instances [1 default and 1 named] per node) in an active/active cluster with 2 virtual servers. So inst_A is the active instance of nodeA and inst_D is a passive instance in nodeB. Thanks for any help in this. The more I read about clustering the more confusing and frustrating it is. A lot of articles seem to use some of the cluster terms to mean diffrent things. For example my understanding of a "SQL SERVER INSTANCE" is an actual sql server installation that creates an instance of the server. But in some articles they use the term instance to refer to the virtual server , in essence it is an instance but in my opinion it just makes an already confusing technology even more confusing. Thanks for any input this.