I've created a DTS package on a SQL Server (2000). I then created a proc that uses the xp_cmdshell which in turn executes the package using the DTSRun.exe (parameters are encrypted).

The proc is called from a webpage (created with Cold Fusion) which passes a sql login to the datasource.

The DTS package loads two tables. These two tables hold values that are used to update or insert into a third table.

I then have an ActiveX script that tests to see if records in the insert table already exist in the third table. If this is true the script generates a CVS file of the records and the step ends with DTSTaskExecResult_Failure.

From there the workflow branches to a sendmail task which attaches the CVS file and emails it to me, but this step throws the following error:

DTSRun OnStart: DTSStep_DTSSendMailTask_1
DTSRun OnError: DTSStep_DTSSendMailTask_1, Error = -2147220352 (80040480)
Error string: Logon failed: MapiLogonEx Failed due to MAPI error 273: MAPI Logon failed.
Error source: Microsoft Data Transformation Services (DTS) Package

I have Admin Privileges on the SQL Server.

I created the DTS package on my laptop not on the server.

I am logged into the network with Windows Authentication.

Any ideas why I get a MAPI login failure and can it be fixed?

I'm guessing this may be a security context problem but have failed to find a answer.

As always thanks for the help!