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    Unanswered: login to SQL Server 2000 vs

    I am using windows server 2000, SQL Server 2000, and Visual Studio.

    My user account for the window server 2000 is Administrator and I leave the password as blank.

    I didn't change any section of my machine.config or web.config.

    In my SQL Server 2000 I only have a instance named : ASPUSER. and when I was installed SQL Server 2000 I choose "Use the local system account" and I only have one userID: sa.

    I can login to SQL Server 2000 using "sa". but now I am tring to login to SQL Server 2000 vs Visual Studio.NET, I use VB.NET and tring to use Data Form Wizard to login to the database in SQL Server 2000, when I test connection, is show succeeded, but when I run the program. it told me "Login failed".

    Can any ponieer help me.

    Thanks a lot.

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    You posted your topic in the wrong Forum. Go to MS SQL server topic forum. And post your question there. Many other ppl can answer you from there.

    I'm not sure, but you can try to reset your authetication mode to "mix mode" and not only "use local system settings" and try again.

    I think the setting can be set at your SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager.

    I'm just guessing, for better answers try MS SQL forum.
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