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    Unanswered: Oracle 00911 invalid character

    I am using the Oracle ODBC and i get the
    following error:

    ORA-00911,invalid character (37000)
    ODBC Error: SQLSTATE = 01004, Native error code = 1006 Buffer too small,
    data truncated.

    What can I do about this. This is happening in an application which I didnt program myself, but is there a solution for this? (for example: enlarge some buffers?)

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    u get the ora-911 error, resulting in an errormessage returned to the calling program. I think your buffer too small error refers to the error message instead of the real problem. A statement was issued to oracle which contains an invalid character. Try to find out what statement was issued and take a good look at it or post it here so we can have a look at it.

    Hope this helps
    Edwin van Hattem
    OCP DBA / System analyst

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