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    Unanswered: Sporadic slow down on Redhat 7.3/DB2


    Please help - I have run out of ideas...we are upgrading our main webserver and so far everything is looking good - much faster than before. However, every now and then it seems to freeze on a DB2 access - never the same one... It then catches up with itself after a while and carries on again.

    We are running

    DB2 version 7.2 (fixpack level 7)
    Redhat 7.3, dual processor, 2GB memory
    odbc/cli access through apache/php

    The main problem is that we have several layers of software and new hardware to plough through to try and work out where the slow down is happening. I am not too hot on the DB2 config settings - could this behaviour be the result of some bufferpools not being big enough - or something?

    Any help appreciated

    ps I have tried searching the forum but found it difficult to sift through

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    Not sure for how long your DB2 systems freezes, or what your buffer pool sizes are, so it's hard to analyze the problem. You might consider going to a later Fixpak. Fixpak 9 is fairly stable, but 10a is the current one I believe. At least look at the APARS for fixpaks 8-10a.

    There is an IBM Redbook available on the IBM website called "DB2 UDB V7.1 Performance Tuning Guide." In particular, I would look at using the Performance Wizard from the Control Center to allocate bufferpools and other DB2 performance parameters. Also, make sure your temporary tablespace is large enough, at least as large as the largest table, and preferably several time as large if you have multiple simultaneous users.

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