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    Unanswered: Disabling keyboard funtions


    Just developing a relatively simple application however the interface is reliant on the user not being able to use key strokes (such as escape, enter and whatever else there is). They do need to be able to type but if they press enter it messes up my checks!

    Is there any easy way around this apart from having a case statement for every possible key stroke? :/


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    Working around keys

    I'm not sure if this will help. I had a similiar problems. Mine I tracked down to using the BeforeUpdate. Rather than try to disable the keys, I built a single check routinue. It essentially has a series of If Then Else statements. The If Then part checks for valid conditions, and if meet, the tab or entry key moves to next field. If not meet, the Else clears the field and returns the focus to that field. This way, any non- valid key stroke returns you to the field, not out of the form. Finally my On Error GoTo resets focus to the command button, so any other type of runtime error is trapped, and while annoying does not bump you off the form and clear your fields. I am not aware of any other controls other then removing hot keys from menus and disabling menus and hot keys in Tools, StartUp. One other option that might be there, but I have not looked into is setting the key function in code. I am not an expert in Access, and my solution may be more roundabout than need for your application, anyway, Good Luck
    Mark Redlin

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