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    Unanswered: ADO Not Working in Run Time Version

    Hi to all.

    We have a Microsoft Access 2002 database that is referencing the ADO 2.5 library (as well as the DAO 3.6 library). On the development machine, the database works exactly as planned and all functions compile and work. When the database is packaged as a runtime version, and installed on another machine, errors occur relating to the ADO library, such as the DATE() function no longer working. (Yes, ADO is being installed as part of the package!)

    Now, here is the odd part; we can put the database on a machine with a full version of Access and the same ADO errors occur, but if we un-reference ADO and compile the modules, then re-reference ADO and
    compile again, everything starts working correctly. We have checked the order of referenced libraries; have tried the ADO 2.7 library; nothing seems to make any difference. We know it is somehow related to ADO and have checked and installed the same versions of MDAC on the various machines (all of which are running Windows XP Pro). What are we missing and as a work-around in the meantime, is there any way to reference or un-reference libraries under the runtime version of Access.

    We are in major need of help, please. I would greatly appreciate any help that is given.


    G. Jackson

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    Since september 1 there have been a number of odd errors in packaging software. These errors have been traced, for the most part to the Jet Update issued by Microsoft around that time. It is likely this is your problem too.

    However, the packaging wizard is notorious for being unreliable. Recommend you have a look at Sagekey

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