I am using windows server 2000, SQL Server 2000, and Visual Studio.

My user account for the window server 2000 is Administrator and I leave the password as blank.

I didn't change any section of my machine.config or web.config.

In my SQL Server 2000 I only have a instance named : ASPUSER. and when I was installed SQL Server 2000 I choose "Use the local system account" and I only have one userID: sa.

I can login to SQL Server 2000 using "sa". but now I am tring to login to SQL Server 2000 vs Visual Studio.NET, I use VB.NET and tring to use Data Form Wizard to login to the database in SQL Server 2000, when I test connection, is show succeeded, but when I run the program. it told me "Login failed".

Can any ponieer help me.

Thanks a lot.