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Thread: bcp bulk upload

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    Wink Unanswered: bcp bulk upload

    Hello !!

    Can anyone help, I am trying to do bulk upload:


    set @BULK = 'bcp "DQ_Central.dbo.tbl_CLI_UPLOAD" in "' + @file_path + '" -S' + @Server + ' -U' + @User + ' -P' + @PSW

    and am getting this output message

    Enter the file storage type of field service_number [char]:

    Any one have any ideas ?!? Thanks u for yr help

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    you forgot to specify the input file type, - character or native (-c or -n).

    but you, you can do the same thing with bulk insert. this way you won't have to through your @BULK at xp_cmdshell and get completely frustrated with char(39).

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