Platform: Solaris 8, Sun Server E420, Progress 9.1d

I am running a Java servlet-based web application which runs on the above platform and uses the Progress JDBC driver. The problem is that after the first time a Connection to Progress is created, the driver launches the Progress executable "_ovrly" which then proceeds to eat up 98-100% of one of the CPUs for as long as the web server (Tomcat) is running. Oddly enough, the connection to the database works just fine, and any future connections made to Progress also work just fine. The whole application works great. Except of course for the decreased performance due to the excessive CPU activity.

I am positive that I don't have any runaway queries or leaked connections, and the exact same app works just fine on Windows with the Windows version of the Progress JDBC driver. If anyone has encountered anything remotely like this, please share your experiences.

Also, I would appreciate any information about what "_overly" is, and whether it is supposed to be executed by the JDBC driver.