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    Unanswered: Upgrade or not?

    First off, I am not very well versed in database issues. I need some advice on this and hope you kind folks can help. My wife's business uses a custom written payroll/billing program written in Microsoft Access 2.0. It meets her needs very well. I am nervous about the age and lack of support for Access 2.0 and am looking to have someone convert the program to Access 2000. I have had not got any actual estimates yet, but the code is very well written and that should keep the hours down. A local programmer ( he is a re-seller for Microsoft) advises that using a program that is not a recognized, supported accounting program is a bad mistake. I see his point, but his solution is to buy the MS Small Business MAnager and pay him to make our program act as a front end to it. The current program meets all her needs and once a few 'quirks' that have popped up over the years are fixed, will continue to do so. I guess my questions are as follows: do I need to convert to Access 2000 (BTW, the data, forms and tables are rolled into one .mdb, so data is not separate), if we do convert, should we let it go at that, or is the idea of using a commercial off the shelf package too sensible to pass up? We tried Quickbooks Pro and its fine for operating account use, but not suitable for complex billing/payroll. Any advice appreciated.

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    If her company has money to burn, then upgrade it. If it is working fine and they are not requesting any new features, then leave it alone and get the most return for the investment you can for it. When they "Need" new features that are not possible with Access 2, upgrade then. If other packages, like quickbooks, were tried and offer no new features that are of interest to her company, then why change a system that works? You now have a system that has been in place for years and is probably bug free for how they use it. Upgrading to Access 2000 or 2002 will introduce new bugs due to Access 2 commands and features that are now unsupported.

    I upgraded some of my databases from access 97 to 2000 and 2002. I have a module that loops through random data access of my largest table (more than 60,000 records) and records the time spent. I ran this module on the same data with the front end as 97, 2000, and 2002. Access 97 was the fastest. Access 2000 was twice as slow. Access 2002 was faster than 2000, but still slower than 97. I repeated the test 10 times and also tried converting the backend, but the results were the same. Who knows, the smaller Access 2 could be even faster the 97. These tests were run on a local system then again on terminal services with up to 5 people logged in at the same time. I also compared running the test alone and running it when a bunch of other programs were running. The laden computer tests ended up using the swap file.
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