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Thread: Dates + Rates

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    Unanswered: Dates + Rates

    I was wondering if someone could help me with some calculations.....

    I have a table that has a field on it for rates and a field each for check in and check out dates.

    I also have a table that lists the rates provided


    First Floor WeekDay ________100.00
    First Floor WeekEnd_________110.00
    Second Floor WeekDay______120.00

    Ect........... Ect........ Ect.......

    Im wondering if there is a way to have a query that will, based on the check in and check out dates of one table, determin how many week days Sun - Thurs and how many week end days Fri - Sat that a guest is staying and calculate the apropriate rate.............or if there is an easier way to do this everything I try i just keep getting stuck.

    plz help.......and thanks
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    does soemthing along these lines fly?

    dim intWEdays as integer
    dim intWKdays as integer
    dim loopDate as date
    dim billThis as double

    for loopDate = checkInDate to checkOutDate step 1
    if weekday(loopdate, vbsunday) > 5 then
    intWEdays = intWEdays + 1
    intWKdays = intWKdays + 1
    billThis = intWEdays*WErate + intWKdays*WKrate

    maybe you need to adjust the time portion of checkIn/OutDate


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    Ill check it out

    I have to do some work thismorning but I should be able to get some time to work on the database a little later and I will try this as soon as I can and let you know....

    Thanks for the help Izy.

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    works great


    The code you sent to me works great, however I changed the table layout of my rates, its now a table called Floor with a subdatasheet from a table called Rates (see attached jpg file)

    now what Im trying to do is come up with a code that picks the rate out of this table based on the floor that is selected from a dropdown list (named roomnumber) on a form.

    I tried to play with it a bit just to get it to change the numbers (not pull them from the table) with code like this:

    if roomnumber.value = 101 - 110 then
    WErate = 100
    WDrate = 85
    elseif roomnumber.value = 201 - 210 then
    WErate = 110
    WDrate = 95
    elseif roomnumber.value = 301 - 305 then
    WErate = 120
    WDrate = 105
    end if

    /some other code

    billThis = intWEdays * WErate + intWKdays * WDrate

    Any ideas on how i can get this to make the rates change according to floor and pull them from another table?

    thanks for everything.....

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