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    Question Designing DB problem

    Hello all.

    I have a doubt about how i can design a db for my program. This is the problem:

    I need to store in a Access db a table where the fields not are ever the same. That is, the table have differents sizes for each type of measurement (for example, i need to take data for one concrete parameter, and another data for other parameter.)

    I hope that this problem have solution, or at least, an alternative method.

    Thank you.

    Regards Angel.

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    If I understand you correctly - You have the same Logical product but according to the type of product you need to hold seperate measurement types.

    How about this approach with an Instancing Table





    Not Tried this particular way myself so it's just an idea

    You will need to make full use of the transform statement in Access to view the data - & panic if you ever upgrade to SQL Server which has not got an equivalent statement

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