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    Unanswered: MySQL Replication not real-time

    Hello all

    I have set up MySQL binary replication (on MySQL v4.0.14, Mandrake Linux 9.1) between two servers, A and B. On server A, I will be replicating tables from database C and on server B, I will be replicating tables from database D (yes, the database names are different).

    I have set up a dbrep account on the master server, A, to only be able to access database C with Replication Slave, Replication Client and Super privileges. All the my.cnf files are configured correctly and the first time I start up the slave server, it does zap records over from the master server.

    However, I notice that after the first time, it no longer keeps up with the master server. Although a 'show slave status;' seems to indicate that the relay log on the slave is keeping pace with the master's relay log (at almost the same position), nothing is inserted into the tables.

    Does anyone know how frequently MySQL does the updates and if there is a better replication tool out there that I can make use of?

    Thanks a lot for the help!

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    Hello guys

    The replication seems to be working now after I inserted the line replicate-rewrite-db=A->B. The command allows me to translate queries meant for database name A (on the master) to database name B (on the slave).

    However, now I encounter a weird error, error code 22 from table handler while trying to execute an SQL INSERT statement. Does anybody know what 'invalid argument' means? (That is what the error code means according to "perror".)

    Thanks !

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    There is a product called myreplicator can do real-time replication from MySQL to MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server(

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