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    Unanswered: problem in script


    i have some jobs running at my remote server where it calls the plsql scripts and ftp the files in the specified destinations.for running these batchs i wrote unix shell script..if the batch executes successfully then the log file shows that it is executed successfully. i have 100 jobs running. so i need to monitor daily all the jobs whether running successfully. but what i want is this monitoring to be done through programatically. can u please tell me the code how to write in unix to monitor log files that are in remote system from my machine..can u plz send me the pseudocode.. i can replace the servernames and destination folders should retrieve the data of log files and spool the same into one text file which i will open and check rather entering into all specified locations.


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    use cat and throw the contents to a new file
    you can append as well into the new file

    also, you could cat each file and email yourself the contents

    cat /tmp/logfile.lst > /home/oracle/logfiles.txt

    or something like this:
    cat /var/apache/logs/western_access_log | tee /oracle/home/logs/all_logs.txt

    man tee
    man touch
    man grep
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