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    Unanswered: to get GMT time in oracle 8i

    how can i get GMT time in oracle 8 i .in oracle 9i sys_extract_utc function gets the GMT time. but how to get GMT time in oracle 8i.there is function new_time(sysdate,'UDT','GMT') which we can use to calculate GMT if we know the locale like UDT but what if we don'nt know . is there anyway to get GMT time if we want to calculate it for any locale

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    how does that 9i function work?! I didn't know about that!!

    for 8i, if you are on unix, then I have a solution for you.
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    Re: to get GMT time in oracle 8i

    TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE, will display session time with respect to GMT time. Use that function to manipulate and display GMT time.
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