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    Unhappy Unanswered: ORA-00911: invalid character ??

    hi guys i am gettign an error
    %@ Language=VBScript %> Database Errors Occured

    Error #-2147217900

    Error desc. -> ORA-00911: invalid character

    Error #-2147217900

    Error desc. -> One or more errors occurred during processing of command.

    i dont know why? can anyone help????
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    one of your insert values does not correspond to the column definition.

    example of what this means:
    you are trying to insert a character 'c' into a numeric field

    I suggest outputting ALL of your variables as you get that error to see
    what columns are getting what data.

    a quick way to do this is to create a TEMP table like the one you are inserting into, but make EVERY column varchar2
    then run your insert code to load that temp table. if it inserts correctly (which it should since every column is varchar now) then take a look at what values are in each column of the temp-table.
    - The_Duck
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