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Thread: Data migration

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    Unanswered: Data migration

    Hello everybody,
    anybody knows if it's possible to make an export/import working ONLY on data?
    This is the matter: i have a db on Oracle server 7.3 and i have to build and identical instance on an Oracle server 8.1.7, just modifying some storage parameters (initial, extents and so on).
    Doing a complete exp/imp i can't, after the import, modify those parameters, can i?
    Then i was thinking about building the structure of my instance (with modified parameters) through an SQL script and migrate ONLY the data (a lot of data...). Notice that tables are built with the same number of fileds, then data migration shouldn't be a problem.
    How can i do an exp/imp only on data (without any structure)? Any other hints?

    Thank you very much,


    p.s. i'm in a very big hurry.... thankx again!!!

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    First imp data in the new oracle instance with old structure then run the script to modify the parameters.


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