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    Unhappy Unanswered: Poor network performance

    I have a relatively small database that works fine on my PC.
    But when I split it and put the back-end to server it works slow.
    Some queries even "fall asleep".
    I think that the problem is not in my network because when I place a copy of the complete database (before splitting it) on the server and access it remotely - it works fine!
    I tried to compile all modules and to compact and repair database but the performance is still poor.
    I'm not an expert so that is all I could think.

    Can someone tell me what could be the reason for that poor network performance?


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    I forgot to tell you that I use many parameter queries (with 3 to 7 parameters passed from a form).

    I presume it is normal that those queries work slower than the ordinary select queries but I HAVE TO use them. I can accept 10 - 15 seconds delay but in most cases they don't work at all (Access falls asleep!).

    As I said I need to use parameter queries so I will apreciate if someone can tell me what to do ...


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    Talking Re: Poor network performance

    Hi all

    I think you have to revise your Tables Design. You must use Primary Keys and Indexes every place you have a parameter.

    Using SQL Statments in your forms is better always than opening direct tables.


    Firas arramli

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    Thank you for your advise firasarramli!

    I am sure that I have Primary Keys in my tables but I'll review again wheather I have put indexes to all parameter fields!

    But I need some explanation - what do you meen by "Using SQL Statments in my forms instead of opening direct tables" ?

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