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    Unanswered: Time Formatting Question

    so I now know how to add time in hours to a given amount of time,

    i am trying to format it in 2400 hrs formt.

    i am using the format for the field as HHNN

    but, if it is less than 1000 hrs, it only shows up as three digits.., such as
    0003 hrs shows up as 003, any ideas ?


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    I tried this in Access 97 a couple years ago and could not figure out a way to get it to show that extra zero without taking drastic measures of having a text 'show' field. It was an unbound field that was programmatically linked to the bound time field.

    I hope others have a better solution. The guy for whom I was doing the work decided it was fine without the extra 0. When I export this field, I make sure it shows by using right("0000" & theTime,4) before exporting it to a text file of fixed length records.

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