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    Exclamation Unanswered: Database create fails


    Can anyone please help me???? I've run a script which automatically installs Oracle on a Unix machine. It then creates a database.
    The database creation has failed, and I came across the following error in the logs:

    ORA-01857: not a valid time zone
    Undoing the database creation. Please wait...

    The TZ in the /etc/TIMEZONE file is Mideast/Riyadh89
    and Mideast/Riyadh when I type date.

    All suggestions gratefully accepted!!!!!!

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    Is that even a valid timezone??
    answer = no

    selecting from the database I get:

    PHP Code:
      1  select from V$TIMEZONE_NAMES
    where tzname like '%Riy%'
    16:10:31 kod:stagedemo> /
    TZNAME               TZABBREV
    -------------------- ----------
    Asia/Riyadh          LMT
    /Riyadh          AST 
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