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    Unanswered: Method to UPDATE table from Remote Database

    I have found myself in a precarious situation.

    I am using a win32 application that uses MyODBC to write to a MySQL database. I need to use the data in one of these tables to update a table in an installation of MySQL I have on a seperate Linux server.

    I have been trying to write the script in PHP but my attempts thus far have not been encouraging.

    I plan to execute the PHP script on the win32 box and have already setup permissions for the Linux box to receive remote connections from the win32 box.

    I do not need to run this script regularly by CRON. I just need to do it once.

    I am sure there is a tutorial or code example out there but I have been unable to find one. Can anyone provide me a resource to look at?

    I would appreciate it quite a bit!



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    From the linux box can you do:

    mysqldump -h <nt-sql-server> -u <user> -p<pass> <database> <table> > tmp.sql

    Then do:

    mysql -u <user> -p<pass> -D <database> < tmp.sql

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