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    Unanswered: Newbie question

    I am just starting to learn Access and been given a few exercises to try and do. I have 2 questions that are puzzling me

    1) Open access and enter the main heading House lettings. Does this mean after I have designed the database using design view that when I save it I should give the table name House lettings?

    2) When designing the database for the heating you must use the following criteria text, field size 1, Validation Rule O or G or S, validation text O or G or S,
    O = Oil
    G = Gas
    S= Solid Fuel

    I understand how to do the text and field size. Am I right in saying for the validation rule I should have "O" Or "G" Or "S" and for the validation text I should have O or G or S

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    Re your first question - Although your tutors notes are not explained too well - I agree that the Table Name should be Designed and saved as "House Lettings"

    On the Second part re Validation - A Relational Database Management System allows you define the kind of data you have and how the data should be stored. You can also define rules that the RDBMS can use to ensure the integrity of the data being input - Validation

    So, your Validation Rule for the FuelType Field should read :-

    "O" or "G" or "S"

    And the Validation Text :-

    O or G or S

    If the inputter enters a value in the FuelType that does NOT conform to O or G or S then the Validation Text part kicks in and advises you that it this input is not what it is expecting and will not allow you to proceed until it conforms to your Validation Rule.

    Hope that helps

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    Many thanks

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