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    Unanswered: Need help with VB and Macros (and a few other questions)

    I have some questions.

    1. Does the Access Base window always stay open even if you use a switchboard?... I have found the spot to hide just about everything (including the DB Window) except the MS Access startup window itself.

    2. Does anyone have a macro that I can add to a form that will allow me to refresh a lookup list? ... I have an input form (A) with a field that requires another form if a new record tries to be added. I have a link button to the other form (B) on A's form. When you click on the link, B opens up and you can now add the new information. When I click enter, B's table gets updated and a cross link back to A. I need to refresh the look up table for B's field in order to continue without having to completely close A and restart it. I tried using an update query but couldn't get it to work. I need a "refresh button"

    3. I like screen resolutions of 1024 by 680, all the other guys like 800 x 600. I created my DB on 1024 and when the 800 x 600 guys pull it up, it is HUGE!!!... Is there some VB or a macro that will keep the database in the proper proportions when opened on different resolution screens.

    4. I have 6 forms... 4 for input and 2 for searching. The input screens are very small and this is good. I only want them to show the area of the form and thats it. The other 2 open full screen to allow a good number of records to be displayed. When they open full screen they assume the menu bar of the main access window. I don't want the user to have access to any tool bars/menu bars. I want them to be able to search and return to the main switchboard. How can I make it so that the form opens up full screen and doesn't have any menu/tool bars?

    (I have the form opening with a macro using maximize I just need to lose the tool bars)

    These are the major problems. Thanks for your help,


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    1. I don't know to which screen you are referring

    2. After update of the field on form B, run

    3. No

    4. I set the database to not allow default menus and I created a toolbar under the menu category (It has buttons like a toolbar, but I classified it as a menubar), so they only have one bar.

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