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    Unanswered: Combine and Feed


    I'm new to Access and I don't have much programming knowledge in VB. I have a database that has 2 tables;

    Customer Invoices

    In Customer Invoices, I have 8 "Service" fields, labeled "service1,service2," and so on.

    In the Storage table, there is 1 column, Services.

    I want to make the service fields in Table.Customer Invoice Combo Boxes so that I can input a foreign value and store it to Storage.Services; and I think it's a Query that I need, but I'm not sure how I would approach combining 8 fields and sending them to 1 field.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated..Thanks

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    You are using a hierarchial design for a relational database. The query you need is complicated due to your table design. To answer your question, you need a large union query to translate your row into a column:

    Select service1 from [Customer Invoices]

    union All

    Select service2 from [Customer Invoices]
    union All

    Select service8 from [Customer Invoices];

    I would suggest that you borrow a book on relational database design from the library.

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